About Kekabe Developments

Kekabe Developments is founded on creating digital solutions to everyday needs and wants. Kekabe Developments’ basic methodology to any project is to derive innovative approaches with intuitive interactions. Simply put, the steps to any project are: identify a need, derive a solution, create a friendly operation, and present the product in a clear, straightforward format.

The current strategy of Kekabe Developments is to focus on interactive applications for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Specifically, the first few products of Kekabe Developments are mobile apps designed for Android-based smart phones. The foreseeable future of Kekabe Developments includes a series of apps for Android, Android tablet application development, and an eventual foray into the Apple operating system.

Kekabe Developments creates all projects completely, including programming logic, graphics, content, and marketing. Pride is taken in having full control of every level of development, assuring the final product is exactly as it should be. It is important to note that all Kekabe Development projects are created and designed for the end-user, and throughout project development feedback is not only read, but also included in basic development logic.

To get in touch with Kekabe Developments, with questions, comments, or suggestions, please write to:


Kekabe Developments
P.O. Box 2173
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